CRRT August 2017 Meeting

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CRRT Meeting Sign In Sheet August 2017.pdf List of Attendees, CRRT Meeting August 2017 Meeting Attendees 8/15/2017 224 KB Download
CRRT Action Items August 2017.pdf Summary of Action Items, Potential Agenda Topics, References and Upcoming Meetings and Events
Presentation 8/15/2017 658 KB Download
CRRT Updates on RCP and Guidance Documents.pdf Update on the RCP and CRRT Guidance Documents Presentation 8/10/2017 1503 KB Download
Endangered Species Act Consultations & Procedures.pdf Review of ESA Consultation Procedures during Emergency Response, as outlined in the RCP Presentation 8/10/2017 80 KB Download
XPRIZE CRRT Presentation.pdf Presentation on the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE Challenge Presentation 8/10/2017 6519 KB Download
USCG Sector San Juan CRRT Brief.pdf USCG Sector San Juan FOSC Reports Presentation 8/10/2017 1805 KB Download
TriState CRRT Presentation.pdf Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research presentation Presentation 8/10/2017 3008 KB Download
NOAA SCC Presentation.pdf NOAA SSC presentation Presentation 8/10/2017 1818 KB Download
LimeTree CRRT Presentation.pdf Limetree Bay Terminal presentation Presentation 8/10/2017 9099 KB Download
ERMA Presentation.pdf NOAA presentation on ERMA Presentation 8/10/2017 12038 KB Download
EPA Data and Information Management.pdf EPA Presentation on Data and Information Management Presentation 8/10/2017 716 KB Download
CRRT August 2017 Final Draft Agenda 8_4.docx CRRT August 2017 Meeting, Final Agenda Agenda 8/9/2017 28 KB Download
EPA WAPA-KRUM BAY.pdf EPA OSC Report on the WAPA Krum Bay Subsurface Oil Investigation Presentation 8/9/2017 8795 KB Download
EPA Cruz Bay CRRT St Croix.pdf EPA OSC report on Cruz Bay Petrochemical Storage Tank; St. John, USVI Presentation 8/9/2017 48788 KB Download
EPA CAPECO Powerpoint St. Croix4 8-4-17.pdf EPA OSC report on CAPECO facility site. Presentation 8/9/2017 18937 KB Download
NPS CRRT Presentation August2017.pdf St. Croix National Parks Resources & Research Presentation Presentation 8/8/2017 9114 KB Download
NOAA_RRT_StCroix_KRW.pdf NOAA Office of Coast Survey - Navigation Services Division
Presentation 8/8/2017 7856 KB Download
M Hardy CR and spill response august 2017.pdf Oil Spill Response Section 106 Compliance: Protecting Historic Properties and Cultural Resources

Presentation 8/8/2017 11122 KB Download
Introduction to the Sea Grant Oil Spill Outreach Program.pdf Introduction to the Sea Grant Oil Spill Outreach Program Presentation 8/8/2017 2175 KB Download
Limetree Bay Terminals.JPG Map of area committee and PREP exercise location. Mtg location map 7/28/2017 229 KB Download
CRRT August 2017 Updated Draft Agenda 7_28.docx Updated CRRT Meeting agenda, July 28th Agenda 7/28/2017 28 KB Download
CRRT August 2017 Updated Agenda and Registration Reminder 7_28.docx Updated Agenda announcement and registrations reminder memo Announcement 7/28/2017 23 KB Download
Curriculum Center Google Maps.pdf Map of meeting location. Mtg location map 6/22/2017 234 KB Download
CRRT August 2017 Draft Agenda and Location Announcement.docx Meeting Location, Registration and Draft Agenda announcement Announcement 6/22/2017 23 KB Download
CRRT August 2017 Initial Draft Agenda 6_22.docx Initial Draft Agenda Agenda 6/22/2017 27 KB Download