CRRT May 2019 Meeting


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CRRT Meeting May 2019 Sign In Sheet.pdf List of May 2019 meeting attendees Meeting Attendees 5/21/2019 179 KB Download
CRRT Action Items May 2019.pdf Review of Action Items, Potential Agenda Topics, Upcoming Meetings and Training, Website References
Presentation 5/21/2019 1366 KB Download
CRRT May 2019 Final Draft Agenda 5_7.docx Final draft agenda Agenda 5/9/2019 29 KB Download
Final Draft Agenda and Registration Reminder CRRT May 2019 Meeting.docx Final Draft Agenda and Registration Reminder Memo Other 5/9/2019 25 KB Download
Initial Draft Agenda Memo CRRT May 2019 Meeting.docx Initial Draft Agenda and Registration Reminder Memo Other 4/3/2019 27 KB Download
CRRT May 2019 Initial Draft Agenda.docx Initial Draft Agenda, 4/3 Agenda 4/3/2019 29 KB Download
Location Announcement and Registration Memo CRRT May 2019 Meeting.docx Location Announcement and Registration Memo Other 4/3/2019 27 KB Download
FEMA Distribution Center Map.pdf FEMA Distribution Center Map Other 4/3/2019 1940 KB Download
Directions to FEMA Caribbean Distribution Center.pdf Directions to FEMA's Caribbean Distribution Center Other 4/3/2019 2518 KB Download
Initial CRRT May 2019 Announcement.docx Initial Meeting Announcement Other 4/3/2019 23 KB Download
CRRT May 2019 Revised Draft Agenda 4_19.docx Revised meeting agenda, as of 4/19 Agenda 4/23/2019 29 KB Download
Updated Draft Agenda and Venue Memo CRRT May 2019 Meeting.docx Updated Agenda and Change of Meeting Room Announcement Other 4/23/2019 27 KB Download
Department of the Interior - Nutshell PR Presentation.pdf DOI organizational presentation Presentation 5/15/2019 2607 KB Download
EQB DNER ACP-14.mayo.19.pdf PR EQB/DNER reorganization presentation Presentation 5/15/2019 1770 KB Download
ESA and EFH consultations on Dispersants and ISB.pdf Presentation on the CRRT's programmatic ESA/EFH consultation for dispersants and in-situ burning. Presentation 5/15/2019 3305 KB Download
FWS ESA MOA2019.pdf FWS presentation on the Endangered Species Act MOA Presentation 5/15/2019 2115 KB Download
CDC CRRT 2019 San Juan FINAL.pdf Public Health Branch Response Operations during Hurricanes Irma and Maria in PR and USVI Presentation 5/15/2019 2118 KB Download
2019 FEMA Catastrophic Planning - Response and Recovery Efforts_05152019.pdf FEMA presentation on Catastrophic Planning Presentation 5/15/2019 5253 KB Download
Limetree Bay CRRT 2019.pdf Presentation on Limetree Bay Terminals and Refining operations Presentation 5/15/2019 9915 KB Download
NPS Displaced Vessels.pdf NPS presentation on Addressing Displaced Vessels in National Parks Following Hurricanes Irma and Maria Presentation 5/15/2019 10194 KB Download
Coral Assessment and Restoration 2019.pdf NOAA presentation on coral reef assessment and restoration after Hurricanes Maria and Irma Presentation 5/15/2019 3678 KB Download
DNER Grounded Vessel Response CRRT.pdf PR DNER presentation on grounded vessel response Presentation 5/15/2019 5610 KB Download
USCG_ESF-10 PR Case Study_CRRT.pdf USCG presentation on ESF-10 response in Puerto Rico Presentation 5/15/2019 5100 KB Download
VI_SCTLD_CRRT_May2019.pdf Presentation on Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease in the Wider Caribbean Presentation 5/15/2019 9437 KB Download
CDART Overview_CRRT.pdf CDC Presentation on Developing Comprehensive Disaster Assessment and Readiness Tools for Preparedness Activities and Use during Disaster Response and Recovery Presentation 5/21/2019 2165 KB Download
Envl Unit and Wildlife Branch in ICS.pdf FWS Presentation on the Environmental Unit and the Wildlife Branch in ICS Presentation 5/21/2019 1484 KB Download