3.1 RRT3 Regional Contingency Plan (RCP)

Philadelphia, PA - RRT III

Site Contact:
Cindy Santiago
RRT3 Coordinator-EPA


Site Location:
Philadelphia, PA 19103


You are on the RRT3 Regional Contingency Plan Site. The following information is contained on this site: - The Region 3 RCP - Appendices of the Region 3 RCP - MOUs - MOAs - Interagency Agreements - Plans/Guides - Figures - Boundary Maps


The RCP is organized according to key functions of the RRT. The seven main sections of the RCP are as follows:

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Consistency with the NCP
  • Section 3: Regional Response Policies
  • Section 4: RRT Operations and Administration
  • Section 5: RRT Agency Roles, Capabilities, and Support
  • Section 6: Related Plans and Programs
  • Section 7: Abbreviations and Acronyms

View the Base Plan above to view the PDF of the plan. All plan appendices are linked above as well, or available within the Documents library above. Older versions of the plan are available from the Documents library as well. To request changes to the plan or one of its appendices, please contact the RCP Workgroup, using the Contacts list above.