3.1 RRT3 Regional Contingency Plan (RCP)

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2019-11-20_Final_RRT3_ RCP_rev1.pdf Region 3 Regional Contingency Plan (RCP) Final (Revision 1) 01_RCP Main Body 6/25/2020 7129 KB Download
Updated NRT JIC Model_4-25-13.pdf NRT Joint Information Center (JIC) Model (updated April 2013) Plans/Guides 5/25/2018 3132 KB Download
USCG-VA MOA on Marine Pollution Response.pdf 1995 - Signed Cooperative Agreement between Commonwealth of Virginia and USCG to ensure a sound state, regional, national, and international marine environmental protection strategy. MOA 12/8/2017 692 KB Download
RRT_3_DEEP.pdf Dispersant Employment Evaluation Plan (DEEP) (May 1991) Plans/Guides 11/18/2016 929 KB Download
CERCLA_MS_Guide_11-2004.pdf CERCLA Management and Support Funding - NPFC USCG (November 2004) Plans/Guides 11/18/2016 295 KB Download
2011-01-25-MOU between CG, EPA. and CNCS regarding the Use of Volunteers.pdf Describes major responsibilities of each party in developing and supporting an unaffiliated volunteer management program to be implemented following an oil or hazardous substance pollution incident
MOU 11/18/2016 2711 KB Download
2002-12-12-USCG FIFTH DISTRICT & EPA REGION III BOUNDARY MOA.doc EPA, Region III and USGC, D5 Boundary MOA MOA 11/18/2016 74 KB Download
1982-05-10-wv-moa-npdes 2.pdf EPA will provide information relative to proposed, revised, new, promulgated, remanded, or withdrawn or suspended regulations and to further advise the State of results of cases pertaining to the NPDES program in general
MOA 11/18/2016 7205 KB Download
2000-04-24-wv_pr01_moa_042400 2.pdf establishes policies, responsibilities and procedures to 40 CFR Section 271.8 for state of West Virginia Hazardous Waste Program
MOA 11/18/2016 1037 KB Download
2010-02-24-wv_moa.pdf (1) facilitate implementation of environmental cleanup requirements (2) assist EPA in meeting federal government performance and results (3) facilitate cleanup and productive redevelopment and sustainable reuse of brownfields (4) meet each agency mandate to protect human health and welfare and the environment
MOA 11/18/2016 360 KB Download
2013-10-17-USCG_MER_Policy_Letter_01-14_ ESA_Section_7_and_EFH_Consultation_Process_Guidance.pdf Direction and guidance to ensure compliance with key environmental statues during oil spill contingency planning and response activities.
MOA 11/18/2016 132 KB Download
1999-09-29-va-moa-npdes.pdf Clarify roles and responsibilities concerning implementation of water quality control within Virginia
MOU 11/18/2016 1456 KB Download
2013-10-29-USCG_EPA_MOA_FINAL_29OCT2013.pdf Delineate the Region IV Inland and Coastal Zone geographical boundaries establishing responsibility for the predesignation of OSCs for pollutions response pursuant to the Clean Water Act and National Oil Hazardous Substances Contingency Plan
MOA 11/18/2016 287 KB Download
1990-03-28-pa8.pdf Sets forth the process by which the EPA will meet its responsibilites under sections 106 and 110d and 110f of the NHPA with the assistance of SRF agencies
MOA 11/18/2016 2367 KB Download
1986-01-20-pa2.pdf Historic properties will be taken into account during response to major natural disasters and national security emergencies
MOA 11/18/2016 477 KB Download