CRRT January 2020 Meeting


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CRRT Action Items January 2020.pdf Review of Action Items, Potential Agenda Topics, Upcoming Meetings, Exercises and Training, Website References Presentation 1/30/2020 1246 KB Download
CRRT January 2020 Initial Draft Agenda 12_27.docx Initial Draft Agenda Agenda 12/27/2019 29 KB Download
Initial Draft Agenda Memo CRRT January 2020 Meeting.docx Initial draft agenda and registration reminder memo Meeting Information 12/27/2019 26 KB Download
CRRT January 2020 Confirmation and Location Announcement.docx Meeting Location and Registration Announcement Meeting Information 12/26/2019 25 KB Download
edificio03.jpg Picture of DNER Building Meeting Information 12/26/2019 108 KB Download
DRNA maps.pdf Wide area map of DNER building Meeting Information 12/26/2019 664 KB Download
DRNA Close View.pdf Close up area map Meeting Information 12/26/2019 226 KB Download
Hold the Date January 2020 CRRT Meeting.docx Initial Hold-the-Date meeting announcement Meeting Information 12/26/2019 29 KB Download
Atlantic Strike Team Capabilities Brief_Jan 2020.pdf USCG Atlantic Strike Team Brief Presentation 1/29/2020 3481 KB Download
CRRT CG-MER Brief.pdf US Coast Guard Presentation on International Activities Presentation 1/29/2020 777 KB Download
CRRT CUBUS 2020.pdf Presentation on Oil Spill Planning with Cuba Presentation 1/29/2020 1413 KB Download
DNER Presentation.pdf PR Department of Natural & Environmental Resources presentation Presentation 1/29/2020 4198 KB Download
NOAA Marine Debris Response CRRT meeting Jan 2020.pdf NOAA Presentation on Marine Debris Response Planning Presentation 1/29/2020 13588 KB Download
JAN 2020 CRRT Presentation SSJ IMD.pdf USCG Sector San Juan FOSC Report Presentation 1/29/2020 8943 KB Download
NRT-NRS_Outreach_Presentation_Jan 2020 Puerto Rico .pdf NRT Executive Director presentation Presentation 1/29/2020 9880 KB Download
Region 2 Chemical Security and Safety Workgroup.pdf Region 2 Chemical Security & Safety Workgroup Update Presentation 1/29/2020 887 KB Download
NOAA SSC REPORT CRRT 1_2020 2.pdf NOAA SSC Report Presentation 1/29/2020 564 KB Download
HVEPresentationMaritime.pdf FBI Homegrown Violent Extremists presentation Presentation 1/29/2020 4019 KB Download
MLA SJ CRRT PPT.pdf FBI Maritime Security Program presentation Presentation 1/29/2020 2736 KB Download
WMD Program Overview 2020.pdf FBI WMD Program Overview presentation Presentation 1/29/2020 2937 KB Download
Limetree Bay CRRT UPDATE 2020.pdf Limetree Bay Terminal and Refinery Operations Update Presentation 1/29/2020 3180 KB Download