CRRT January 2017 Meeting

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CRRT January 2017 Initial Draft Agenda.docx Initial Draft Agenda Agenda 12/8/2016 25 KB Download
CRRT January 2017 Initial draft agenda announcement.docx Initial Draft Agenda Announcement Meeting Announcement 12/8/2016 23 KB Download
CRRT January 2017 Reminder and Location Announcement.docx Meeting Reminder and Location Announcement Meeting Announcement 12/8/2016 22 KB Download
Initial CRRT January 2017 Announcement.docx Initial meeting announcement Meeting Announcement 9/30/2016 20 KB Download
CRRT January 2017 Updated draft agenda announcement.docx Announcement of ESI Workshop postponement and updated draft agenda Meeting Announcement 12/23/2016 23 KB Download
CRRT January 2017 Updated Draft Agenda 12_21.docx Updated Draft Agenda, as of 12/21 Agenda 12/23/2016 26 KB Download
DNER Grounding Protocol.pdf DNER presentation on Grounding Event Protocols and Coral Restoration in Puerto Rico Presentation 1/24/2017 1308 KB Download
Time to Apply Lessons Learned to ICS.pdf NOAA SSC presentation on applying lessons learned to ICS Presentation 1/26/2017 1921 KB Download
EPA OSC CRRT Presentation.pdf EPA OSC Report Presentation Presentation 1/26/2017 1007 KB Download
VITEMA CRRT jan 2017.pdf VITEMA's CRRT presentation Presentation 1/26/2017 1642 KB Download
Nordfjord.pdf USCG FOSC Report presentation Presentation 1/26/2017 1162 KB Download
CARIBBEAN FANTASY Presentation at CRRT - 25JAN2017.pdf USCG Sector San Juan on the Caribbean Fantasy Fire and Grounding Presentation 1/26/2017 6531 KB Download
DesecheorateradicationRRTpresentation.pdf National Wildlife Refuge System presentation on Bio Security for Desecheo NWR Presentation 1/26/2017 608 KB Download
CaribeWave17_CRRT.pdf Caribbean Tsunami Warning Program presentation on Caribe Wave 17 Exercise Presentation 1/26/2017 1606 KB Download
OSRL CRRT 2017.pdf Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) Capabilities Brief Presentation 1/26/2017 1948 KB Download
CRRT January 2017 Final Draft Agenda 1_20.docx CRRT Meeting, Final Draft Agenda Agenda 1/30/2017 26 KB Download
CRRT SIGN IN January 2017 Mtg.pdf List of Meeting Attendees Meeting Attendees 1/30/2017 192 KB Download
CRRT Action Items January 2017.pdf CRRT Meeting Action and Agenda Items, upcoming meetings and training, referenced websites Presentation 1/30/2017 351 KB Download
PR Manatee Conservation Center.pdf Presentation by the Puerto Rico Manatee Conservation Center Presentation 1/30/2017 14300 KB Download