CRRT August 2013 Meeting


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CRRT August 2013 Final Agenda.pdf August 2013 CRRT Meeting Agenda Agenda 7/1/2016 25 KB Download
CRRT SIGN IN SJU August 2013.pdf August 2013 CRRT Meeting List of Attendees Attendance List 7/1/2016 66 KB Download
CRRT Action Items August 2013.pdf Action Items, Potential Agenda Topics, Meeting/Training Dates and Referenced Websites Presentation 7/1/2016 441 KB Download
CRRT CFL.pdf Presentation on Mercury Vapor Emission from Broken Compact Fluorescent Lamps and Cleanup Procedures Presentation 7/1/2016 808 KB Download
CRRT FEMA Presentation - Operations Planning Update.pdf FEMA presentation on operational planning initiatives Presentation 7/1/2016 1138 KB Download
CRRT JIREH 2.2013.pdf NOAA SSC presentation on the M/V Jireh Response; Isla de Mona, Puerto Rico Presentation 7/1/2016 386 KB Download
CRRTII RULET.pdf Presentation on NOAA's Remediation of Underwater Legacy Environmental Threats (RULET) Database & Wreck Oil Removal Program (WORP) Presentation 7/1/2016 2610 KB Download
CTWPUpdate-CRRT-2013.pdf Caribbean Tsunami Warning Program presentation Presentation 7/1/2016 3047 KB Download
Guayanilla Bay Mystery Spill 07AUG13.pdf USCG Sector San Juan presentation on the Guayanilla Bay Mystery Spill Presentation 7/1/2016 2425 KB Download
manatee CRRT meeting AUG2013.pdf USFWS Presentation on Antillean Manatee Recovery Efforts in Puerto Rico Presentation 7/1/2016 5861 KB Download
Minillas Complex Asbestos Site.pdf EPA CEPD Presentation on the Minillas Government Complex Asbestos Site Presentation 7/1/2016 2744 KB Download
OSRL CRRT 2013.pdf OSRL Presentation on Oil Spill Preparedness & Response and New Company Structure Presentation 7/1/2016 1931 KB Download
REMPEITC.pdf Presentation by RAC/REMPEITC-Caribe: Regional Activity Center/Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Information and Training Center Presentation 7/1/2016 1415 KB Download
Sector San Juan Jireh Overview.pdf USCG Sector San Juan Presentation on the M/V Jireh Grounding; Mona Island, PR Presentation 7/1/2016 6317 KB Download