CRRT Plans, Policies and Guidance

San Juan, PR - Caribbean

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Steve Touw
RRT Coordinator


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San Juan, PR 00907

This site contains the CRRT's Regional Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (RCP), and other related policies, protocols and guidance documents. To view them, click on the "Documents" link in the right column of this page.

The RCP is organized into the following seven main sections and Appendices:

Section 1: Introduction (aligns RCP with NCP organization)
Section 2: Relationship to and Consistency with the NCP
Section 3: Regional Response Policies
Section 4: RRT Operations and Administration
Section 5: RRT Agency Roles, Capabilities and Support
Section 6: Related Plans
Section 7: References


Appendix 1 USCG/EPA Jurisdictional Boundaries for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

Appendix 2 CRRT Dispersant Agreements, Policies and Guidance:

Letters of Agreement on the Limited Use of Dispersants and Chemical Agents for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands
CRRT Guidance for Use of Dispersants in Ocean and Coastal Waters [under revision]

Appendix 3 CRRT Surface Washing Agent Testing and Evaluation Protocol

Appendix 4 CRRT Policy for Use of In-Situ Burning in Ocean and Coastal Waters

Appendix 5 CRRT Limited Pre-Authorization Policy for Use of Solidifiers

Appendix 6 Endangered Species Act and Essential Fish Habitat Consultations:

FWS Letter Confirming ESA Determinations for Dispersant, In-Situ Burning and Solidifier Preauthorizations, Sept 2015
FWS and NMFS ESA Emergency Consultation Form
NMFS ESA and EFH Emergency Consultation Form

Appendix 7 CRRT Best Management Practices for Oil Spill Response Operations

Appendix 8 CRRT Guidance for Ocean Dumping during Pollution Response Actions

Appendix 9 CRRT Guidance for the Disposal of Contact Water in Inland, Ocean, and
Coastal Waters

Appendix 10 CRRT Guidelines for the Programmatic Agreement on Protection of Historic Properties during Emergency Response under the NCP

Appendix 11 CRRT Information and Lessons Learned During Emergency Response Operations for Vessel Groundings Involving Oil Spills In Coral Reef and Seagrass Habitats

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