Regional Response Team IX



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William Jones
RRT Coordinator

AZ, NV, CA 94501

Welcome to the RRT9 Website!

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The Region 9 Regional Response Team (RRT9) is a multi-agency coordination group concerned with preparedness and response to oil and hazardous materials spills on land in Arizona, California and Nevada, and in the coastal marine environment of California.

The mission of RRT9 is to ensure coordinated, efficient, and effective support of the federal, state, tribal, local, and international responses to significant oil and hazardous substance incidents within the Pacific Southwest Region as mandated by the National Contingency Plan (NCP).

Your RRT9 Coordinators,
Susan Krala and Bill Jones

UPCOMING WEBINAR(see Events & Notices sections for more info)
Wednesday, August 19, 2020 1200-1300PDT
“Oil Map: A Planning Tool For Remote Testing of Sensitive Site Strategies”
Gabrielle McGrath, Senior Scientist/Senior Project Manager – RPS Group

Upcoming RRTIX Meetings
October 21, 2020
January 13,2021

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