4. RRT3 Response Tools-Fact Sheets

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File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
2018 Nov20 RRTIIIDisposalContact WaterFinalsigned.pdf Region 3 Guidance for decanting contact Water - inland ocean and coastal waters - November 2018 Guidance Document 8/16/2019 673 KB Download
25161 - NAESM report.pdf NAESM. 2019 Draft Final - the Use of Dispersants in Marine Oil Spill Response Dispersant Reference 5/16/2019 36023 KB Download
CrudeOilStudy_2018-04-30.pdf Bakken Crude Oil: Worker Health and Safety Pilot Scale Studies (04-2018) Response Fact Sheets 5/31/2018 3210 KB Download
2017 - DRAFT NOAA_ARD_ICSNRDA_updated_20170424.pdf Draft NOAA Incident Command System Job Aid for NRDA as of 4/24/2017. Response Fact Sheets 6/7/2017 1425 KB Download
API - Sunken-oil-ops-guide.pdf API 2016 Guide to Sunken Oil Operations Guidance Document 6/7/2017 1239 KB Download
API - Options-for-minimizing-Inland Spills.pdf APIs 2016 document for minimizing inland oil spills Guidance Document 6/7/2017 3216 KB Download
11-2016_NOAA_Dilbit-First-Responders-Guide.pdf Dilbit First Responders Guide by NOAA 11-2016 Guidance Document 12/5/2016 671 KB Download
11-2016_NOAA_Bakken-First-Responders-Guide.pdf Bakken First Responders Guide by NOAA 11-2016 Guidance Document 12/5/2016 569 KB Download
Selection Guide for Oil Spill Response Countermeasures (Paper Version).pdf Selection Guide for oil spill response technologies and
Guidance Document 11/21/2016 2080 KB Download
Regional Response Team Job Aid.pdf Job Aid describing roles and responsibilities of RRT Co-Chairs, Coordinators, and their staff. (May 2012) Response Fact Sheets 11/21/2016 587 KB Download
RRT III Product Pre-authorization Guidelines.pdf Guidelines for authorizing the use of chemicals listed on the NCP found in Subpart J and Section 300.310, Phase III. Guidance Document 11/21/2016 1307 KB Download
RRT III Guidance for Ocean Dumping.pdf Guidance for FOSC/UC’s on obtaining an emergency ocean dumping permit Guidance Document 11/21/2016 93 KB Download
RRT III Guidance for Limited Jones Act Waivers.pdf Guidance for FOSC/UC’s to obtain a waiver for use of
foreign-flag vessels or barges to support pollution response activities
Guidance Document 11/21/2016 132 KB Download
In-situ Burn Guidance.pdf The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to the RRT III for consideration of ISB in
response to oil discharges occurring in ocean and coastal areas.
Guidance Document 11/21/2016 621 KB Download
Bioremediation 2-23-04.pdf Guidance for FOSC’s, the UC’s and the RRT’s decisionmaking
when considering the use of bioremediation for addressing treatment of spilled
petroleum products.
Guidance Document 11/21/2016 410 KB Download