Regional Contingency Plan

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0 Region 8 RCP Main Text_06302016.pdf This is the RRT8 Regional Contingency Plan, which was updated to incorporate directives from OSWER given Sept 2015. The RRT has approved the changes but the document is awaiting signature as of June 30, 2016. Final Publication 2/8/2017 505 KB Download
01 Annex I 06 25 2019 RRT Roster_.docx Annex I EPA Region 8 Regional Response Team Roster and Contact List Final Publication 6/25/2019 86 KB Download
02 Annex II_EPA Region 8 Federal On-Scene Coordinator Contact List 2.pdf Listing of predesignated OSCs in EPA Region 8 Final Publication 8/13/2019 82 KB Download
03 Annex III_EPA Region 8 FWSEA Text 2010_Updated June 2016.pdf This is the Fish & Wildlife and Sensitive Environments Annex to the RCP Final Publication 2/13/2017 280 KB Download
03.A Annex III_Attachment A_ Natural Resource Trustees Contact List 061915.pdf Annex III Natural Resources Trustee List Final Publication 6/13/2016 29 KB Download
03.B Annex III_Attachment B_Native American Tribal Contacts with R8 (2014).pdf Annex III Attachment B Native American Tribal Contacts Final Publication 6/13/2016 127 KB Download
03.C Annex III_Attachment C_Federal and State T&E Species list (2014).pdf Annex III Attachment C Federal & State T&E Species List Final Publication 6/13/2016 354 KB Download
03.D Annex III_Attachment D_Maps of Sensitive Areas in R8 States v2.pdf Maps showing sensitive areas in each of the R8 states. These do not necessarily depict all areas of concern if an oil or hazardous substance incident/response were to occur. This is a document processed to reduce file size. A 22 mg file is available upon request. Final Publication 2/13/2017 6047 KB Download
04 Annex IV_ESA MOA (Federal).pdf Annex IV ESA MOA Final Publication 6/13/2016 347 KB Download
05 Annex V_Programmatic Agreement of Protection of Hisotrical Properties (Federal).pdf Annex V Historical Properties Final Publication 6/13/2016 42 KB Download
06 Annex VI_APHIS_WS_MOU_6-14.pdf Annex VI APHIS Final Publication 6/13/2016 5551 KB Download
07 Annex VII_EPA Region 8 State Emergency Notifications Contact and Protocols.pdf Annex VII State Notifications Contact List Final Publication 6/13/2016 24 KB Download
08 Annex VIII_Area Planning Strategy.pdf Annex VIII Area Planning Strategy Final Publication 6/13/2016 1154 KB Download
09 Annex IX_EPA Region 8 ChemicalCountermeasureBioremediationIn-situBurn AuthorizationProcessGuide.pdf Annex IX Final Publication 6/13/2016 32 KB Download
09.A Annex IX_Attachment A_Chemical Use Checklist.pdf Annex IX Chemical Use Checklist Final Publication 6/13/2016 15 KB Download
09.B Annex IX_Attachment B_In-Situ Burn Checklist.pdf Annex IX In Situ Burn Checklist Final Publication 6/13/2016 10 KB Download