RRT2 Plans, Policies and Guidance


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Final R2 RCP Revised December 2020.pdf Region 2 Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (RCP) - Revised December 2020 RCP 12/4/2020 564 KB Download
Region_2 Boundary_Revisions March 2016.pdf Appendix 2: Demarcation of the Inland and Coastal Zones for Pre-Designation of EPA and USCG On-Scene Coordinators for Pollution Response in NJ and NY RCP 4/11/2016 113 KB Download
RRT2 Final Dispersant MOU with South Jersey Extension.pdf Appendix 3: RRT II Memorandum of Understanding on the Preauthorization for the Use of Chemical Countermeasures RCP 6/5/2019 1293 KB Download
RRT2 In-Situ Burning MOU.pdf Appendix 4: RRT II Memorandum of Understanding on the Preauthorization for the Use of In-Situ Burning RCP 6/5/2019 710 KB Download
RRT2_FINAL_Contact_Water_Policy.pdf Appendix 5: RRT II Guidance for the Disposal of Contact Water in Inland, Ocean, and Coastal Waters RCP 4/11/2016 171 KB Download
RRT2 Final Ocean Dumping Guidance March 2016.pdf Appendix 6: RRT II Guidance for Emergency Ocean Dumping during Pollution Response Actions RCP 4/11/2016 168 KB Download
RRT2 SWA Testing and Evaluation Procedures Final December 2019.pdf Appendix 9: RRT II Surface Washing Agent Testing and Evaluation Protocols RCP 12/17/2019 193 KB Download
RRT2 NHPA Implementation Guidance Final December_17_2020.docx Appendix 10: RRT2 Guidance on National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 Compliance During Emergency Response RCP 12/21/2020 825 KB Download