2014 RCP


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0 Region 8 RCP Main Text_12302014 w signatures.pdf This is the main text of the RCP document Final Publication 1/19/2021 622 KB Download
01 Annex I_EPA Region 8 Regional Response Team Region 8 Contact List.pdf This is the RRT roster as of the RCP publication date Final Publication 1/19/2021 48 KB Download
02 Annex II_EPA Region 8 Federal On-Scene Coordinator Contact List.pdf This is the R8 FOSC contact list as of the RCP publication date. Final Publication 1/19/2021 14 KB Download
02.A Annex II_Attachment A_OSC Memorandum Dated July 7 2014.pdf This is the Predesignated FOSC memorandum from the R8 Regional Administrator. Final Publication 1/19/2021 27 KB Download
03 Annex III_EPA Region 8 FWSEA Text 2010_Updated 2014.pdf This is the Fish & Wildlife and Sensitive Environments Annex Final Publication 1/19/2021 135 KB Download
03.A Annex III_Attachment A_ Natural Resource Trustees Contact List.pdf This is the Natural Resource Trustee contact list as of the RCP publication date Final Publication 1/19/2021 18 KB Download
03.B Annex III_Attachment B_Native American Tribal Contacts with R8 2014.pdf This is the Tribal Contacts list Final Publication 1/19/2021 127 KB Download
03.C Annex III_Attachment C_Federal and State TE Species list 2014.pdf This is the Threatened and Endangered Species list Final Publication 1/19/2021 354 KB Download
04 Annex IV_ESA MOA Federal.pdf This is the national Endangered Species Act MOA for emergency oil response. Final Publication 1/19/2021 347 KB Download
05 Annex V_Programmatic Agreement of Protection of Hisotrical Properties Federal.pdf This is the National Historic Preservation Act national programmatic agreement for oil spill response. Final Publication 1/19/2021 42 KB Download
06 Annex VI_APHIS_WS_MOU_6-14.pdf This the APHIS MOU Final Publication 1/19/2021 5551 KB Download
07 Annex VII_EPA Region 8 State Emergency Notifications Contact and Protocols.pdf This is the state emergency notifications contacts and protocols Final Publication 1/19/2021 24 KB Download
08 Annex VIII_Area Planning Strategy.pdf This is the R8 Area Planning Strategy, approved by the RRT in 2013. Final Publication 1/19/2021 1154 KB Download
09 Annex IX_EPA Region 8 ChemicalCountermeasureBioremediationIn-situBurn AuthorizationProcessGuide.pdf Guide for using alternative oil response tactics. Final Publication 1/19/2021 32 KB Download
09.A Annex IX_Attachment A_Chemical Use Checklist.pdf Checklist for use during oil spill response Final Publication 1/19/2021 15 KB Download
09.B Annex IX_Attachment B_In-Situ Burn Checklist.pdf Checklist for oil spill response. Final Publication 1/19/2021 10 KB Download