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Incident Command System/Unified Command
Minimum Essential Incident Command System Training Elements (1999)
The NRT issued a technical assistance document, Managing Response to Oil Discharges and Hazardous Substance Releases under the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP). The purpose of the technical assistance document is to educate all National Response System (NRS) responders to the organizational management concept of Unified Command (UC) as it fits within the Incident Command System (ICS) for emergency response. The following minimum essential training elements are intended to complement the NRT's technical assistance document. This document identifies the minimum essential elements that should be considered in developing or evaluating ICS training for responders.

Incident Command System Unified Command Technical Assistance Document (2000)
Provides guidance to all responders who are part of the National Response System (NRS) on the organizational management concept of an Incident Command System (ICS) led by a Unified Command (UC) for emergency response (updated from the 1996 ICS/UC TAD).

Presentation on the National Response System and Incident Command System/Unified Command
Provides an introduction to the concepts of the ICS/UC; outlines assistance that can be provided by the Federal On-Scene Coordinator; and provides an outreach tool to discuss multi-jurisdictional responses with responders and the public. This presentation also includes a brief overview of the National Response System.

Unified Command Technical Assistance Document (2007)
The Unified Command (UC) Technical Assistance Document provides guidance on UC implementation to all personnel involved in all-hazard emergency planning and response at the Federal, state & local levels.

Scientific Support Coordinator during an Emergency Response: The Role of the Scientific Support Coordinator (2007)
This document is intended solely as guidance and was designed to provide technical assistance to the federal On-Scene Coordinators (OSCs) on the role of the Scientific Support Coordinator (SSC) during responses to releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, contaminants, or discharges of oil (or threats of either).

NRT Fact Sheets

Federal Natural Resource Trustees and the Incident Command System/Unified Command
This fact sheet facilitates the integration of federal resource trustees into the Incident Command System (ICS)/Unified Command (UC) command structure; describes resources and assistance that federal trustees can provide; and where the coordination link occurs between Federal trustee response and natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) activities.

Appendix A - Federal Natural Resource Trustees & Incident Command System/Unified Command, Department of the Interior (2006)
This document addresses Department of the Interior (DOI) emergency response and natural resource damage assessment and restoration (NRDAR) activities, as well as resources for which DOI is responsible, authorities under which DOI operates programs relevant to response, and information on response-related functions of the DOI Bureaus and Offices.

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Federal On-Scene Coordinator's (FOSC's) Guide to NOAA Scientific Support (NOAA)
This guidebook was written for oil and chemical spill responders and FOSCs and provides a quick reference to the range of scientific support services available from NOAA Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R) through its Emergency Response Division (ERD).


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