The NRT is a national level planning and coordination body comprised of representatives from 15 Federal Departments/Agencies with various authorities, roles, and capabilities in planning for and responding to oil and hazardous substance incidents. The NRT supports other National Response System (NRS) components, such as Regional Response Teams, Federal On-Scene Coordinators, and state and local governments, by providing technical assistance, resources, and other support.

Before contacting the NRT, please take a moment to carefully review the information below, bearing in mind that the NRT cannot respond to certain requests (e.g., commercial products or endorsements).

The NRT welcomes questions about the NRS, NRT publications, and website functionality. To submit questions, please send an e-mail to Be sure to include your name and email address. While we strive to respond to questions as quickly as possible, responses may take some time.

If the nature of your request concerns a matter listed below, the NRT is not the appropriate point of contact and cannot forward your communication. Supplemental information is provided to help you identify a possible point of contact.

Reporting an incident  - To report oil and chemical spills, and hazardous material releases, contact the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802 or 202-267-2675. The public should call 911 or their local emergency number.

Oil and hazardous material questions – The NRT does not provide information concerning specific incidents. You can find overarching guidance and best practice information at the NRT website ( and EPA’s Office of Emergency Management website (

If the situation is life-threatening or urgent, contact 911 (or your local emergency number) or the American Association of Poison Control Centers at 1-800-222-1222.

If you are seeking information about an oil or hazardous material release in your area, please check the following websites for information and/or designated points of contact:

  • Your local or state government public safety, emergency management, or environmental protection agency
  • Your EPA regional office (
  • USCG ( 

NCP Product Schedule and other services – Please refer to EPA’s National Contingency Plan Subpart J webpage at The NRT does not review or procure services or products from vendors.

Resumes or employment – The NRT is comprised of representatives from 15 Federal Departments/Agencies. The NRT does not recruit or employ a workforce. Please refer to USAJOBS at for information regarding Federal Government employment.

External site links – Various Federal rules, policies, and guidelines apply to the management of Federal public websites and website content. Certain content, such as commercial companies, products, and services, cannot be added to a Federal website. General considerations for external site links can be found at You may contact us if you have additional questions.


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